Who's Gonna Get the Girl?
Title Card
Genres Comedy
Black Humor
Total episodes 2
First episode April 28, 2013
Last episode June 11, 2013
Main Characters Unnamed Main Character
Animals William Shakespear
Neighbourhood Unnamed Neighborhood
Who's Gonna Get The Girl is a role-playing game, developed and published by InGeniousFun, which was released in 2012.

KPopp did a Let's Play on Who's Gonna Get the Girl that consists of 2 episodes, which started on April 28, 2013 and ended on June 11, 2013. 


In-game, KPopp plays as an unnamed male character that appears to be a civilian of an unnamed town, where one day he gets ready for another day and heads out to the cafe to eat breakfast. On his way there, he sees an attractive woman (Popsicle Bitch) whom was walking dog and eating a popsicle. He continues on his way to the cafe and as soon as he arrives there, he orders a big breakfast to start off the day.

Whilst he was searching for a seat to eat on, he found a young and attractive woman (Chaneeka) sitting in the corner of the cafe, eating a hotdog with french fries and two drinks. After receiving his meal in perfect timing, he greets the young woman and starts a conversation with her, which had resulted in an invitation on a date. The main character leaves by thanking the cashier and leaves with swagger.

The day passed by swiftly and the date has begun. He and Chaneeka had said their greetings and walked into the avenue of the date. Chaneeka soon removes her white coat and reveals a silver and very revealing outfit, which the main character had thought looked alluring on her. The two explore the club and found somewhere comfortable to sit, where the two have another conversation.

Chaneeka's favorite tune suddenly pops up that leads both of them to the dance floor, where they obviously dance under the disco ball. After dancing, they got drinks and started another conversation, which apparantly includes questions on the first time they have met, which had angered KPopp. They dance again playfully and when the night was over, the main character asks if she will see him again, where she responded that she would like it very much. The main character heads back home and gets some rest, but before resting he had remembered the events that occured earlier in the gameplay and appeared to be satisfied.

The next date begins and shows Chaneeka in a more appropriate outfit, which KPopp is impressed off. After receiving a table for two from the restaurant, the couple soon orders and starts a regular conversation. However even with the successful two dates, Chaneeka expresses her boredom with the main character and refuses to go on another date with him.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Unnamed Main Character
  • Chaneeka


Episode Name Release Date Video Duration
WORST DATING SIM! Hotdogs, Milkshakes, & Popsicles! OH MY! 04/28/2013 23:27
WORST DATING SIM - No Panties! D: #2 (Who's Gonna Get the Girl? gameplay) 05/11/2013 25:38