Let's Play
Title Card of the Series
Genres Comedy
Total episodes 2
First episode March 5, 2013
Last episode March 6, 2013
Main Characters Chris P. Nuts
Neighbourhood Sims University
TS3UL Reflect

The Sims 3 University Life is a Let's Play created by KPopp. The series stars Chris. P. Nuts. The story takes place in the neighborhood of Sims University, where Chris P. Nuts enrolled to as a major in the Fine Arts course.

The series premiered on March 5, 2013 and was put on an indefinite hiatus on March 6, 2013.


Chris P. Nuts enrolled to Sims University in hopes of becoming the valedictorian of his class and graduating with a degree in Fine Arts, as well as experiencing the university life; parties, pranks and sororities. As he attended more parties and socialized with everyone, he established himself as the "party animal of Sims University."


Main castEdit

  • Chris P. Nuts


Title Upload date Video duration


March 5, 2013 28:14


March 6, 2013 19:04