Tara Dikov (1)
Tara Dikov
Biographical information
Status: Alive
Age: 20s
Occupation: Shüpermodel /Musician/Registered Nurse
Other information
Nickname: Beautiful (by Eric)
Gender: Female
Hair color: Varies
Eye color: Varies
Marital status: Not Married
Significant Other/s: Thomas, Chris, Andrew
Family: Tara Titov, Callie Dikov, Scara Dikov, Doug Dikov, Lika Dikov, Atea Dikov.
You're looking at a face in disbelief. Mine!

–- Tara Dikov, shutting down Monica after she claims to win the show.

Tara Dikov is the protagonist of the 2010 wii game America's Next Top Model. She is known for her heated arguments with the other models, and the Tara Dikov chant. She is the twin of Tara Titov, and has a little sister Callie Dikov.

Appearance Edit

Tara has a slim figure and dark skin. Her original hair is dark, and an average length, falling to her shoulders. As the game goes on, her hair color and style varies. She naturally has hazel eyes, but like her hair, this can be changed with colored contact lenses.

Personality Edit

Tara is neutral and can be friendly, but sometimes she will fight with the other models or insult them. She has a different relationship with every model, but her relationship is average with most of them, being more fond of some and being less than loving to others.

Career Edit

Tara began her career in America's Next Top Model, and was eliminated early, but was brought back to the surprise of other models. Her ratings were just too good, so the show had to do a shocking reveal. After winning the competition, Tara wasn't content with sitting around, but took multiple modeling jobs and signed a $20 million recording deal with Pink Like Salami Records. Her net worth continued to soar far into her 20s, eventually bringing her to the $500 million she is worth now. She is the most successful model in the world and continues to shock people with her talent.

Trivia Edit

  • Tara was eliminated Week 2 of the competition, but she returned to the game.
  • There are rumors that Tara Dikov is Nancy Drew.
  • It was confirmed in The Freshman that her and Tara Titov were twins.
  • Tara Dikov & Pussface are best friends.
  • She's currently signed to Pink Like Salami records.