I love this family — Well, really dislike them at the same time.

KPopp, her opinion on the Façade household

Sims 3 Façade
Sims 3 Façade
Title card of Sims 3 Façade
Genres Comedy
Total episodes 22
First episode January 26, 2014
Last episode September 12, 2014
Main Characters Trip
Animals Grim
Neighbourhood Starlight Shores
Sims University

Sims 3 Façade is a Let's Play series for the life simulation video game The Sims 3, created by KPopp, based on the interactive story of the same name by Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern. Following the events of Façade, the series revolves around the crazy shenanigans of the dysfunctional Façade family living in Starlight Shores.

Sims 3 Façade premiered on January 26, 2014 and was on an indefinite hiatus since September 12, 2014. KPopp has neither uploaded a new episode since the date mentioned afore nor has given update regarding the future of the series, despite recurring requests to bring it back.


Trip and Grace move to Starlight Shores, aiming to rekindle their relationship following their huge argument during a reunion with an old friend. There, the couple managed to successfully apply for jobs in the business and childcare fields respectively, which turned out to be absolutely hell. Things worsened when Grace gets impregnated by a stranger during a house party, angering Trip and ultimately divorcing her once and for all. Despite this, he remained in the active household and helped co-parent Grace's newborn child, Trace.

Trip eventually moved on from the divorce and began searching for new someone to love, which only took one single rejection before he met a werewolf woman named Sonoko Lee. The two hit it off quite well together and it didn't take too long before they became a couple. Despite his old age, Trip managed to impregnate Sonoko later on in their relationship and are currently planning on settling down together.

Meanwhile, Trace managed to grow up as a normal child and become a somewhat intelligent child. He often experimented with his chemistry set and, with sufficient knowledge, managed to turn his imaginary friend, Tracey, completely into a Sim. The two became a couple when they aged into teenagers and went to prom as their first date. Trace and Tracey later on enrolled into Sims University together.


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Title Upload date Video duration
"B*TCHINESS AS USUAL" January 26, 2014 17:18
"EVIL DAYCARE!" January 30, 2014 13:24
"Weirdest Neighbors Ever!" February 7, 2014 14:49
"Grace's New Boyfriend" February 22, 2014 14:32
"LMAO ELEVATOR BUTT?" February 24, 2014 18:57
"BABY!!!" March 4, 2014 23:17
"KILL THE NEIGHBORS" March 12, 2014 24:26
"GONE CROSS-EYED!" March 20, 2014 18:30
"Trip Travels" April 2, 2014 21:38
"Demon Eyes & Flowers" April 10, 2014 18:58
"Ignoring Grace" April 19, 2014 23:23
"THAT FACE!" April 26, 2014 20:58
"Demon Children!!" April 30, 2014 10:16
"No Longer Imaginary Friend" May 8, 2014 11:47
"Tracy's Makeover!" May 21, 2014 18:28
"Don't Touch That!" May 24, 2014 17:54
"PROM!" June 8, 2014 18:52
"The Hairy Sexy Maid" June 13, 2014 21:11
"Wolf Babies" June 18, 2014 20:19
"Bad Childcare" June 25, 2014 16:55
"Grace Cake Eating Champ" August 7, 2014 22:13
"University Life!" September 12, 2014 23:03