Kelly KPopp
Biographical information
Full name: Kelly KPopp-Stumplestilt
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Old age
Died: June 23, 2013
Age: Elder
Residence: Dream Mansion
Occupation: Baby-maker
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Marital status: Married
Significant Other/s: Narwhal Stumplestilt (husband), numerous counts of men
Family: Narwhal Stumplestilt, 20 children
Kelly KPopp is the main character of the The Sims 3 Pregnant Challenge. She was a major celebrity in Appaloosa Plains, where she gained a naughty reputation. She died of old age in the episode "She's Gone".


Kelly KPopp was a "Friendly", "Charistmatic", "Flirtly", "Hopeless Romantic" Sim with a "Good Sense of Humor". Although with good traits, she gained a naughty reputation for trying for a baby with the whole Appaloosa Plains. She had alot of feuds with different "baby daddies" and their original lovers.


She somewhat looks like the real KPopp, as she was based off herself. She has her brunette hair with curls and blue eyes. She has a rosy cheek blush and a lip color lipstick. She wears a black jacket with a maroon pink t-shirt inside and dark blue jeans. 


  • Kelly KPopp was the first character to use KPopp's alternate name, second being Kelly KPopp (Disney Princess).
  • Kelly KPopp was the first character to be based of KPopp.
  • She has an overall of twenty children, the most notable are VaggySunshine, Anorexia, Red Bull, Cinderblock, TittySprinkle, etc.
  • She is the first character created by KPopp to appear on another series.
  • She has friendly traits but has a very naughty reputation.

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