"Oh god, she probably masturbates with butter. Let's not think about it. "
―KPopp getting some weird images in her head... — Listen (file info)[src]
Butter Me Up
The title card of the series.
Genres Dating Sim
Visual Novel
Total episodes 2
First episode September 21, 2014
Last episode N/A
Main Characters Gordon Ramsay
Paula Deen
Neighbourhood Unknown Town (might be Savannah, Georgia)

Butter Me Up is a dating simulator/visual novel made by the user YouFuckingFurry on Tumblr developed with Ren'Py. It is a mini-dating sim which has two of the best TV-Chefs in the world: Gordon Ramsay and Paula Deen. 

KPopp has done one video on Butter Me Up that consists of currently 2 episodes, which started on September 21, 2014. It is assumed she's going to check out the other endings.


The infamous British television chef Gordon Ramsay has moved to another town, and decided that he wanted to pay the local park a visit. As he walks towards a bench in a field, he sees the most beautiful woman that he has ever met, and who knew it would be the racist and butter loving Paula Deen? However, as their conversation progresses, they have decided to check out the local butter factories in town. Each has their own little story.  

The game can end four different ways:Edit

  • Getting murdered by Paula Deen.
  • Dying from too much butter at once.
  • Letting Paula Deen drown.
  • Getting a stick of butter up your ass


  • Gordon Ramsay is a British TV-Chef who likes to swear a lot. He has blonde hair and wears a white chef outfit.
  • Paula Deen is an American TV-Chef from Georgia, she is known for her love of butter and racism. Her obsession with butter in this game is appalling; She eats and drinks it all day. Paula has grey hair and wears a blue shirt.


  • Gordon described Paula's craving and love for butter as abnormal. When the two first met, Paula had asked him if he had "accepted butter as his lord and saviour". Because of this, it is speculated that Paula has her own butter-based religion.
  • Gordon has a strong habit to swear, with the most used being fuck, shit, bollocks, twat, etc. He also says sugar or pumpkin tits to Paula, according to the factory you chose.
    • KPopp also said that she and her friend has accidentally taught a baby to say "Pumpkin tits" which, as most little ones do, repeated it endlessly. What happened afterwards was unspecified.
  • KPopp stated that she couldn't voice Paula Deen properly because of her Southern accent.
    • She also struggled rapping for Paula in her first ending of the game called "Murder," where Paula murders Gordon for insulting her cooking.  


Episode Name Release Date Video Duration
Butter Me Up WTF DATING SIM 9/21/2014 18:53
Butter Me Up - EATING BUTTER! #2 (WTF DATING SIM) 9/26/2014 14:06
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