Bridget Barf-Field
Bridgett Barf-Field
Biographical information
Full name: Bridget Barf-Field
Status: Alive
Age: Young Adult
Residence: Sunset Valley (formerly)

Oasis Landing (currently)

Occupation: Member of the Clean Up Crew at the Bot Arena (resigned)
Other information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Purple with turquoise and blue highlights
Eye color: Grey
Marital status: Single
Significant Other/s: Nathaniel Castle (crush)
Bridgett Barf-Field is the main protagonist of The Sims 3 Into the Future series and the very first futuristic-themed Sim to be created by KPopp. Bridgett used to be one of the members of the Clean Up Crew at the Bot Arena since the very first episode, but resigned later on in the series. She has lived in an empty lot in Sunset Valley until Emit Relevart had travelled into her time with his misfunctioning time portal, and asked Bridgett to collect the cellulars that has scattered around her lot.

After collecting every single cellular on the lot, she was given the ability to travel to the future with him, in which she had did. In her very first day on Oasis Landing (which was the sub-neighborhood that came with the expansion pack) she decided to sign up for the Clean Up Crew at the Bot Arena, since she was assumed to have need money for her own house in the neighborhood, as she was living in a community home.

She had then visited her neighbors and townies such as the Castle household, where she had fallen in love with Nathaniel Castle whom appeared to be the only male in the house, as well as the Landgraab household, where she had met Cheryl Landgraab and her assumed daughter Lara Landgraab.


Bridgett is relatively tall with almost a thick build. She has purple straight with turquoise and blue highlights, which has been tied up into a ponytail with a comb over above her scalp, and has grey pupils. She wears a white, grey, and purplish blue dress with a triangle crop on her left hip. She also wears matching grey stilletos that match with one of the colors of the dress.


Bridgett has a friendly and funny personality, She likes to interact with the other townies and make several jokes for them to her and laugh at. Bridgett is also a Bot Fan, which helps with her Lifetime Wish called "More than a Machine," where she wants to reach the tenth and final level of the Bot-Building skill and give a plumbot sentience. Her two other personalities are Unstable and Handy.


  • Bridgett has already received a crush on her very first day on Oasis Landing, whom was named Nathaniel Castle whom she met while visiting the households around the neighborhood.
  • She loves to eat Vegeterian Cheesesteak, her favorite color is Lavender and her favorite music genre is Latin. These favorites were not specifically selected by KPopp and that these favorites came from the original Sim used to create Bridgett.