• Cavmaster1128

    Hello lovely PoppTarts & ManlyTarts!

    Welcome to Character of the Month! Character of the Month is a chance for you to show your opinions on which KPopp character is the fan favorite for the month. We will also have a Character of the Year, but more on that later. 

    Character of the Month is simple.Everyone can nominate one character (a maximum of twelve, I don't see a need to nominate every character on her channel.) Everyone will proceed to vote on the nominations for the one who should be crowned "Character of the Month!

     Because of this being a new concept, I will choose the first nominations for a practice round, so everyone can get a feel of the game.

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  • ItsDotx

    Request for the Admins

    September 30, 2014 by ItsDotx

    Hello everyone! My name is Dotx and before contributing to the wiki, I would just like to share my request to the administrators, whom have more access to the features of the Wiki.

    • Categorize all of the series pages with the year they were posted and put the category in the wiki navigation, so it will be easier for the visitor of the wiki to know when did KPopp create these specific series.
    • Instead of seperating gaming from the non-gaming series with seperate tabs, create a singular tab and title it "KPopp's Channel" and like I said in the previous point, make sure they are categorized into the year they were created.

    • The pages should have the same format and body, pages like High School Dreams: Best Friends Forever and Disney Princess: Enchant…

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